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Research Institute of Petrochemistry ('Výskumný Ústav Petrochemický' in Slovak - VUP) has been one of the leading companies conducting industrial research in the area of chemistry. Our research focuses primarily on petrochemical and other organic and inorganic synthesis, processes and products to the level of technological foundations for new production facilities. VUP is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this field of research.

The research is conducted for own needs as well as for other parties and offers a holistic approach to project solutions including literature and patent search, laboratory and technological research, development of analytical methodologies to determine raw materials, products and intermediate products, measurement of technical safety and physical-chemical parameters of raw materials and products, purification of products, verification of processes in laboratory and pilot scale, ecology solutions, chemical engineering and development of technological bases for production realisation.

The results of a successful research have been reflected in our inventive activities; VUP researchers have submitted so far 1.075 invention applications of which 970 were granted patents.

For 60 years the results of the company have been published in hundreds of domestic and foreign journals and presented at numerous national and international congresses, conferences and workshops.

The research department employs 25 staff members, 15 with university degrees and PhD.. The research is an important part of VUP activities and profits from these activities are substantial to the overall returns of the company. The efforts of the VUP management are aimed at maintaining the quality and further improving its research base in the future.

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