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VUP, a.s. was established in 1996 by transforming the Petrochemical Research Institute founded in 1950.Throughout its history, VUP in collaboration with its partners has implemented various chemical production systems and rationalisation measures, for instance in NCHZ Nováky, Chemko Strážske, PCHZ Žilina, Dusko Šaľa, Slovnaft Bratislava, SLZ Hnúšťa and in other local and foreign companies.

Currently, our research focuses on chemical syntheses, chemical products and chemical processes to the level of technological foundations for new production facilities, on manufacturing fine chemicals, chemical specialties, purified chemicals and products for healthcare and cosmetics and we also offer technical services and expert opinions in the fields of industrial ecology, chemical analyses, physical-chemical processes, measuring of explosive gas and vapour properties and testing chemicals for the needs of European chemicals legislation REACH.


VUP holds following certificates:

VUP is internationally recognized as an outstanding research and production centre conducting chemical research and producing small-scale chemicals, chemical specialties and fine chemicals.

Major products of VUP, a.s.:

  • Dimethylolpropionic acid [CAS: 4767-03-7, EC: 225-306-3]
  • Dimethylolbutanoic acid [CAS: 10097-02-6, EC: 424-090-1]
  • 3-Hydroxypivalic acid [CAS: 4835-90-9, EC: 225-419-8]
  • 2-Aminoethyl dihydrogenphosphate [CAS: 1071-23-4, EC: 213-988-5]
  • TEMPO [CAS: 2564-83-2, EC: 219-888-8]
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